Bonus points for referring a venue - terms

We'd love to give everyone that recommends venues to us 1,000 points but just to make sure everyone's playing nice, we have a couple of guidelines & rules in addition to our usual Terms.

  • please ensure any email you send us recommending a favourite place includes at least its name and address and if you happen to know the owner or a manager there, please pass on their details too
  • if the place you're recommending is really that good, there's a chance other people will be letting us know about them too. If more than one person recommends somewhere, the tie-breaker will be determined by whose name the owner or manager mentions when we speak with them... so if you're on good terms with them, get in quick! If there's still a tie after that - for example, they mention more than one name - DinerMojo reserves the right to award the bonus points to the named person whose email reached us first
  • you can recommend more than one venue. The rules about awarding of the bonus points apply to each recommendation... so you can get yourself more than 1,000 points by recommending more than one venue
  • where and when applicable, bonus points will be credited to your account within one month of the recommended venue appearing as a venue within the DinerMojo app subject to that venue still being in the club at the point in time at which you are due to be credited the bonus points
  • if you win any bonus points from DinerMojo, we reserve the right to promote this fact on this website and in other media - whether part of the DinerMojo infrastructure or not. Notwithstanding DinerMojo's Privacy Policy, we reserve the right to use your name and general location (to suburb level) in these promotions (but will not divulge personal information such as your email address)
  • DinerMojo maintains internal standards, rules and decisions about the types of venue that meet the criteria required to join the DinerMojo club. DinerMojo retains the absolute right to make the final decision as to whether a recommended venue becomes part of the club or not and is under no obligation to divulge the reasoning behind any decision to any third parties.